Global Environment Monitoring System/Food Manager,
Department of Food Safety, Zoonoses and Foodborne Diseases,
World Health Organization

        Within the WHO Department of Food Safety, Zoonoses and Foodborne Diseases, Dr Moy is responsible for the exposure assessment and risk characterization of chemicals in food. In this capacity, Dr Moy is the Manager of the WHO GEMS/Food Programme,* which maintains a global database on chemical contaminants in food and the diet. In regard to exposure assessment, GEMS/Food has developed Consumption Cluster Diets, which are used by national and international risk assessment bodies, such as JECFA and JMPR. GEMS/Food also develops and applies methodologies for assessing exposure to chemicals in food, particularly total diet studies.

         GEMS/Food works closely with the Codex Alimentarius Commission in considering risk management options. He is also responsible for coordination of the WHO Global Survey of Human Milk for Persistent Organic Pollutants in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme. Dr Moy recently served as the Project Coordinator for an Asian Development Bank project with the State Food and Drug Administration of China to strengthen food safety efforts in the PRC. He is also leading WHO efforts to establish an emergency network for responding to food safety incidents of international public health significance (INFOSAN Emergency).

         He is also the lead for WHO's Healthy Food Markets initiative. He has worked closely with consumer organizations, particularly in the convening of the Safe Food International Conference in Geneva in 2005. Dr Moy is the author of numerous articles and publications on a variety of food safety topics. In September 2006, he was inducted as a Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology.