Journal of Food Safety and Quality (JFSQ, ISSN 2095-0381, CN 11-5956/TS) is a semimonthly academic journal sponsored by the Beijing Electronics Holding Co. Ltd which is owned by the Beijing Municipal Government, and co-sponsored by Key Laboratory of Food Safety Risk Assessment, Ministry of Health. Established in January 2010, JFSQ is published in Chinese with English Abstracts and is distributed publicly both at home and abroad.The publishing model of JFSQ is Open Access (OA), with full texts can also be freely available on its website:

JFSQ is the first journal in China focusing on food safety and quality related researches and developments. It has already been included in some well-known databases such as EBSCO, Food Science Technology Abstracts (FSTA), AJ, CABI, Chinese Core Periodicals Database, Chinese Academic Journal Network Publishing Database  and WanFang Data digital journal group and so on. 

JFSQ is an important window to reflect the frontiers of science and technology and the developing tendency in the field of food safety and quality in China, and is also an academic platform for international and domestic scholars to exchange new theories, new methods, new materials and new techniques, as well as a school to cultivate professionals in such areas. The contributors and readers of this journal are mainly scientific researchers, developers and managers in field of food technology and related industries as well as students and educators of relative majors in colleges and universities. 

JFSQ mainly reports on the following areas: (1) food analysis and detection; (2) food processing and its techniques; (3) food biotechnology; (4) food nutrition and functional foods; (5) food and drug; (6) food chemistry and applications; (7) food machinery and packaging; (8) food storage and preservation; (9) food quality and safety management; (10) food security and economics; (11) food quality standards and regulations, etc. 

Main columns of JFSQ

Research Papers: achievements in basic and applied researches, emphasizing on originality and representativeness.

Research Reviews: dynamic or systematic reviews and summaries of frontier science and technologyemphasizing on perspective and instructiveness.

Technology Applications: highly focusing on the latest achievements of engineering technology, emphasizing on application and promotion.

Brief Research Reports: timely and brief reports of the progress on the latest researches and applications, emphasizing on innovation and timeliness.

Standards and Regulations: systematic reviews, comparative researches, perspective analyses and in-depth interpretations of various policies and regulations in related fields

Product Introduction: introduction and assessment of the latest products of the high research and application values, emphasizing on reports of innovative theories and high-tech highlights.

Management Cases: typical cases of food safety and quality monitoring and management, emphasizing on management experience.

Industry News: hot topics, conferences and the latest information on food industries.